Alabama Freedom Pass

Alabama Freedom Pass™ is the toll collection software developed by American Roads for use at our four Alabama toll facilities as well as New Jersey.

(Patron Fare Display Image) Our process begins with customer interation. Our custom Patron Fare Displays include:
  • RFID Card Reader
  • QR Code Reader
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Receipt Printer
  • Call and Print Buttons
  • Digital Display
In addition, bar code scanners, transponder tags, and smartphone apps may also be used.

Alabama Freedom Pass™ Toll Collection Software utilizes a customizable touch screen user interface for collectors. Our design has been created with over 80 years of research and development within the tolling industry. (TCS Lane Software Image)

(TCS Office Software Image) The office end of the Alabama Freedom Pass™ software has been created to provide ease of use and clean functionality. Customer accounts, payments, internal reports, and accounting tools are all within quick reach.

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