Freedom Pass mobile The Freedom Pass mobile™ Suite is a collection of smartphone apps used for paying tolls on the go. The suite is available for Apple and Android devices. These were the first mobile apps available for paying tolls in the United States.

Freedom Pass Mobile™

Rolling down the window to pay a toll is a thing of the past! Using GPS coordinates or QR codes, customers can now pay with their smartphones as they travel through a toll plaza.
Freedom Pass mobile
Freedom Pass mobile Customers can easily view their account balance or verify the credit card number on file.
The app allows for payment by credit card or prearranged account funds. Freedom Pass mobile
Freedom Pass mobile Using GPS technology customers can enter a lane locator code to identify themselves at the toll booth.
All of the Freedom Pass mobile™ apps have the ability to use QR codes as a payment option. Freedom Pass mobile
Freedom Pass mobile Customers can choose to have a receipt emailed to them automatically.

Freedom Pass Unlimited™

A great marketing opportunity, Freedom Pass Unlimited™ allows for prepaid services at toll or other point of sale ventures.
Freedom Pass Unlimited
Open Road Collection Application

Freedom Pass Open Road™

Our Open Road Collection Application (ORCA) allows customers to pay tolls along road segments. Using proprietary algorithms, road usage is calculated, tracked, and billed in real time.

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